Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use a performer at my event?

Our roster features great comedy hosts who can combine the best of both comedy performing and MCing for your event. They can bring high energy to an awards ceremony, an employee recognition event, a customer conference, or any special multi-part event. With an understanding of the particular goals of your event, we can recommend specific performers and the comedy talents they offer.

Many of our clients hire our comedy performers for a straight comedy performance, usually to open a conference or special event with high energy, or to close the gathering on a memorable high note.

For closing performances, some of our clients prefer two or three acts for back-to-back comedy that guarantees fast-paced variety.

How long will the comedy performance last?

A typical “set” for comedy is 40-50 minutes. A longer or shorter performance can be arranged, depending on the event format and the specific goals you have. Our comedy hosts typically open an event with 15-20 minutes of comedy performance and then add, depending on the event agenda, a few minutes of comedy between each speaker, presentation, or category of awards.

How do I pick the best performer for my event?

The best comedy entertainment "connects" three points: the audience, the performer, and the material. The more you can tell us about the audience for your event, the better we can recommend a particular comedy host or performer. Our recommendation will be based on the material he or she typically does.

All our performers are skilled at tailoring their acts to specific types of audiences (considering age, background, and profession, as well as the content or themes of the event). Recent client audiences have been made up of software employees, military officers, lawyers, medical professionals, business leaders, entertainment executives, and financial donors, to name a few.

Do you offer performers other than the ones shown on your roster? What if we want to hire a celebrity comedian for a corporate event?

We offer many performers beyond the ones shown on our Web site. We’ve also secured well-known comedians for corporate events, and we'd be happy to arrange one for a performance or appearance at your event. Please bear in mind, however, that many celebrity performers have fees approaching — or in — the six figure range.

Should we be worried about a comedy performer being “blue” — doing an off-color or inappropriate routine?

Not to worry! The performers we select for our roster are proven "clean," and we assume that's the type of performance most corporate clients expect. Our performers have all had television experience, where their acts are welcome.

Having said that, some clients have no problem with — and even encourage — a little edginess. It all depends on your audience. But we'll always select, and provide guidance to, the performer in accordance with your specific preferences.

Can I speak with a performer before arranging his or her performance?

Given the hectic schedules of the performers we feature, we’re unable to guarantee that a performer will be available to speak with you unless an offer is relatively firm. In any case, we can most likely answer your questions ourselves, and on occasion relay questions you might have to a specific performer. Once an offer is made and accepted by the performer, you'll definitely have the opportunity to speak with the performer, who'll want to learn more about your event, the audience, and your overall objectives.

What’s a performer’s typical fee?

It’s probably no surprise that performers' fees vary widely, depending on many factors such as their comedy credentials and credits, the demand for their acts, and their overall popularity. But other factors can determine their fee — often with advantages to you — such as other commitments on their calendars placing them near your venue on the event's date.

Comedy Hosting always seeks to find a match that is reasonable to both you and the performer.

What additional expenses beyond the performer’s fee will we be responsible for?

Typical expenses are those related to the performer’s travel to and from the venue, and the lodging and meals while at the venue location. Some of our performers are based on the east coast, and others are based on the west coast, so reasonable travel costs can be expected.

How — and when — do we pay the performer’s fee?

Generally half of the performer’s fee and anticipated expenses must be paid once the performer has accepted the firm offer from you. Any additional portion must be paid before the performance, based on the specific payment terms in the executed agreement.

What happens if our event is cancelled?

Usually the payment of one half of the performer’s fee is refundable if the event is cancelled prior to a specified date prior to the performance. If the event is cancelled after that date, your obligation for the first half payment typically stands, and the second half is waived. In any case, the agreement that you sign governs the cancellation terms.

What if the performer has to cancel?

In rare cases, a performer will be unable to appear. Although the agreement that you sign will govern what happens if the performer must cancel, Comedy Hosting is usually given the opportunity to make reasonable efforts to secure a suitable replacement performer. In the event that a suitable replacement cannot be secured, the agreement typically calls for a refund of some or all of the fees paid to date.

Do performers typically have special requests?

Performers may, at their discretion, include particulars about travel, accommodations, or other matters in the performance agreement; however, these typically are reasonable, industry-standard requests that are clearly specified and agreed to upfront.

Can we arrange to have the performer appear at functions before or after the performance?

This is certainly an option that can be discussed in the framework of the performer’s availability, arrival and departure schedule, and fees.

We plan to sell tickets to our event and donate the proceeds to charity. Can we cancel if not enough tickets are sold?

Our performers’ fees are based upon their availability on a particular date, meaning that he or she is unavailable to other buyers once the agreement with you is executed. Therefore, payment of the performer’s fee cannot be made contingent upon event ticket sales, attendance, or other factors.

Can we ask the performer to waive his or her fee for a charity or fundraising event?

We do not offer "no fee" appearances by our performers. Please keep in mind that such appearances also require our performers to forego offers from other buyers for the same date.